Let Joanna Fall in Love with your Travel Blog


As every day, Joanna arrives home tired after a hard-working day. She leaves her bag on the kitchen counter and opens the cupboard to grab the old tea pot that she keeps as if it was an ancient pottery treasure. But it is not. Actually, she bought it in Timbuktu last year during an unforgettable trip. Joanna smells inside the pot. One would think she does it to make sure it is clean, but she just wants to recall the narrow streets surrounded by clay walls. The click of the kettle wakes Joanna up from her brief dream and announces that the boiling water is ready. With the hot tea cup, she sits on her cosy armchair and picks up the iPad next to the window. She looks outside while having the first sip of the tea that her mother brought from Sri Lanka. A rainy day again.

Joanna takes the blanket that she keeps near the armchair and when she finally feels comfortable, switches on the iPad to start browsing your travel blog in the hope that you have already posted your long ago promised article about Wonderland.

You didn't post yet but Joanna is your most loyal reader. You help her to dream about her next trip to Wonderland. She is still saving money for the next holidays in months to come. She doesn't mind that you didn't post because she will look at the articles you have about The Maldives. Joanna cannot afford to go now, but who knows. Life is so unexpected!

Joanna is flirting

A notification comes up in Joanna's iPad. Your article about Wonderland has just been posted. Joanna feels that there is a connection between you and her. She stops reading your article about Baros and clicks on the link of your new post to see what you say about Wonderland. She looks your pictures again and again, rereads from head to tail all the details and dreams. It's you who give her a dream.

Although you made an extra effort on your last post, Joanna is eager to know more and more about Wonderland. She finishes reading your article well before the tea gets cold and, after reviewing some key points, she is about to betrayal your effort. Joanna types on Google "Wonderland 10 places..." and Google will do the rest. It will take her to a more popular travel blog.

Joanna will keep reading about Wonderland, hoping from travel blog to travel blog until she falls asleep. The next morning she will not remember your excellent post about Wonderland nor about your adventures in The Maldives. Your effort will vanish as teardrops in the ocean of the web.

Joanna is getting money for the trip

As the months pass, Joanna is saving enough money for her dreamed trip. You recently posted an article about tips to visit Wonderland. But this time you want Joanna to fall in love with your blog forever. When Joanna gets back to your blog, she finds a new feature. Now she can click in the hearts ❤️ that you show next to the destinations described in your articles. Joanna understands quickly how to use them. As she keeps reading your articles, she clicks on the heart of the places that she don't want to miss in her trip. Joanna uses the hearts in your blog in the same way she uses the wish list when shopping at Amazon. Slowly, she is building a destinations wish list.

You let Joanna click on your hearts 💞. She gives you her email. The romance is ready.

Joanna will still flirt with other blogs. But she will always remember how she clicked on your hearts 💖.

Holidays at last!

Holiday time has arrived. It has been a long time since that rainy day when Joanna was reading your blog with a tea cup in her hand. Today it's a sunny day and it is time to plan the trip to Wonderland.

Joanna starts browsing travel blogs to make the actual plan for her trip. She will no longer dream about a trip to Wonderland as she used to do before. Now she has the money and has the time to travel and wants to get her flights, her accommodation and think about what activities to book. While she is on her iPad, a message arrives. It's message from you!

Hi Joanna,

Your trip to Wonderland will arrive very soon.

Don't miss my articles about what to see there.

The best hotel I stayed was at Wonders Hotel. The people there was so nice. You can follow this link to book at this hotel.

I was in Wonderland at the same time of the year as you will be. I got a sunburn there because the sun hits very strong now. I recommend buying the sunblock before you go.

You can find a link below where you can buy a good quality sunblock and also get the same travel insurance that I get when I'm travelling abroad.

Have a nice trip to Wonderland.

Joanna feels the same connection with you that she felt before. She wonders how you know that she is going to Wonderland. But then, she remembers about your hearts. She goes back to your blog and starts planning with the destinations she was selecting on the rainy days after work.

Once Joanna finished her plan, she can book flights, hotels and tours from the trip planner that you installed in your blog. She will not book from other random adverts she could find on the internet. She will book from your blog because it is so easy to do from the trip planner and because she is confident with you. Joanna finally fell in love with your blog.

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