How a Travel Bucket List App can Boost your Travel Blog Engagement?

A Wish List for your Travel Blog - Photo by Lennart Jönsson on Unsplash

A destination wish list is an engine (in a plugin or piece of HTML code form) installed in your travel blog which allows your readers to bookmark posts or destinations that appear in them. Think about Instagram. When you click the heart, you are saying that you like the picture.

Now imagine that instead of liking pictures, what you like are destinations in your blog. Clicking on the heart next to a travel post, means that the reader like that destination. In the future, when readers are ready to travel, they can go back to have a look at the liked destinations and build up a trip plan tailored to their tastes expressed through their clicks on the hearts inserted in the posts.

The idea of a wish list is widely used in big marketplaces as Amazon which use wish list for their products. Recently, travel related sites like or Airbnb have also implemented such feature.

Have you ever wondered why big marketplaces use wish list for their products?

Have you ever imagined that your blog could have a destination wish list? Do you imagine how powerful can be this feature for your blog?

Keep reading to know why destination wish list can be useful for your travel blog, both, for your readers and for your blog as a powerful marketing tool.

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How a Destination Wish List Can Help Your Readers?

A wish list helps your readers to plan their trips. As they read your blog, they can bookmark the destinations they like with just a click.

Once your readers decide to travel, they can plan the trip using the previously selected destinations that are stored in the travel bucket list template. This is done using the included trip planning tool. From there, they can manage bookings for flights, hotels and experiences they want to do.

Moreover, if they want, the readers can publish their holiday plans in their social networks, so they can show off their friends and family. At the end, after having been saving for so long time to afford to travel, they won the right to do it. No kidding, it will be useful to keep them informed about their trip.

How a Destination Wish List Can Help Your Travel Blog?

Despite being a help for your readers, a travel bucket list is also a great help for your blog. You will note that many companies in the electronic market place use wish lists. The first one was Amazon but, just to mention a couple of our sector, and Airbnb also implement them.

Those companies use wish list because they know that it's a good way to increase user engagement. If you are monetizing already your blog, you will know that user engagement is an important factor to convert future sales because recurrent customers are those developing confidence in you. If you still do not monetize it, the fact that your reader come back to your blog again and again, it is a success guaranty.

Another advantage of using a wish list is that you can get your reader's email without significant friction, that is, you don't need to insist to them to subscribe. Moreover, to have their email, you will know where they are planning to go in their next holidays. Therefore, you can recommend relevant articles in your blog of make offers of products or packages that you have agreed with your providers.

You can enjoy all of these advantages for free with the Wish To Go Backpacker plan.

How Can a Travel Bucket List Improve Monetization of Your Travel Blog?

There is a last advantage for you when using Wish To Go. When your readers use the trip planner, as I said above, they can book flights, hotels and activities directly from the there. At that moment is when your readers are ready to buy and at that moment is when your affiliate links will work for you. It is the end of the sales funnel and when, after a long decision process, your readers will spend their money and when you will receive your deserved commission.

Forget about the cookie expire date, forget about someone will take over (cookies are assigned to the last affiliate in the chain) and forget about other subtle details of affiliate marketing. It is frustrating when a reader, having learnt a lot about her/his next destination from your blog, at the time to buy the accommodation, he or her, books with the first advert seen on the internet. Since your reader has all the trip information in the trip planner, it will be a lot easier to book from there. This guaranties that the affiliate commission is fully assigned to your account.

This option is only available in the Wish To Go premium plans.

What If I'm Using My Travel Blog to Attract Customers to My Travel Agency?

Wish To Go offers a solution for you as well. The Globetrotter plan has been designed specially for your case. When you subscribe to the Globetrotter Travel Agency plan, the trip planner will send you a copy of your customers travel plan instead of proposing them to book through affiliate links. In this way you can advise your customers about the best package for them.

How Can I Implement a Destination Wish List in My Travel Blog?

Wish To Go Travel has developed a wish list for travel destinations that can be integrated in your blog very easily.

The Wish To Go wish list has a widget with the heart shape that you can insert in any place in your posts. This widget allows your reader to click on it to keep in the destination wish list the destination that you are talking about in the article.

To complement the heart widget, you have the trip planner widget. The trip planner is a powerful tool that your readers can use to plan their holidays based on the destinations in the wish list they made previously.

Where Can I See a Travel Blog with a Travel Bucket Wish List?

You can see how Wish To Go works in our blog demo.

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