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Share Itineraries with your Audience

Let your Readers Bookmark Destinations in your Posts

Readers will keep returning to your blog to organize their trips based on your itineraries and your destination posts with the free Trip Planner.

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Wish to go. The Travel Blog Wordpress plugin

Share Itineraries with your Readers

Fill the trip planner from the travel wish list

Get your Readers Email smoothly when Sharing your Trips

  • Your readers will love to visit the same places you did.
  • They will not mind giving you their email.

Uplift your Readers' Engagement

  • Readers click on your shared itineraries.
  • Your shared trip opened in their Travel Planner copy.
  • You get a notification when they are ready to travel.
  • Recommend related post, hotels, tours and things to do only when they are ready to buy.

Your Readers Bookmark your Travel Posts

Build up a Travel Bucket List from favourite post destinations

Be More Relevant to your Readers

  • When your bookmark destinations, you will be aware of their travel preferences.
  • Suggest relevant post from your blog according to readers preferences.

Learn Why a Travel Bucket List can Improve Visitor Engagement→

Increase your Returning Visitor Ratio

  • Attracting readers is a huge effort for just a unique visit.
  • Your readers will return to your blog to check their destination wish lists.
  • You will be aware of your readers' favourite destinations.
  • Let them know about other posts related to their current preferences.

Organize a Trip from Bookmarked Destinations

Fill the trip planner from the travel wish list

A Free Travel Planner for Your Blog

  • Give to your readers an awesome Trip Planner widget within your travel blog.
  • They can plan a trip based on the destinations stored in the Destination Travel Bucket List.
  • Your readers can personalize your shared itineraries.

Learn more about Travel Affiliate Marketing Optimization→

Boost your Booking Affiliate Marketing

  • Readers can book accommodation, transport and tours from the Travel Planner.
  • Readers planning a trip will likely book from within the Travel Planner.
  • Being relevant is the doorway to success in affiliate marketing.

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Book a free demo on how to use and install the Wish To Go travel plugin. You will learn:

  • How Wish To Go will be used by your readers.
  • To install the Heart Button widget in any position in your posts.
  • To speed-up your page loading time.
  • To use the Trip Planner.
  • Understand why Wish To Go helps to boost your blog traffic and engage with your readers.
  • How to improve your travel booking affiliate link conversion and increase your travel blog income.

During the COVID-19 travel ban period, we are giving free installation support even for the Backpacker Free Plan. Be ready for when we can travel again.

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Blazing Fast

Lazy Loading Algorithm

The Wish To Go Travel Blog plugin has been designed with loading speed in mind. At first, a small part of the code is downloaded to have a minimum functionality. Only when the user interacts with the plugin, the full code is downloaded.

External Google CDN

When the plugin is demanded by your blog pages, only 34kb of size are downloaded from an external Google network CDN leaving your server free to carry out with other tasks.